Women Call for Boycott of Popular Maine Store Over Weapon Sales

A popular outdoor sporting store in Kittery, Maine, is under fire for selling assault-style weapons.

(Published Tuesday, March 6, 2018)

A popular outdoor sporting store in Maine has come under fire for selling "assault-style" weapons.

An online petition with more than 4,600 signatures asks the Kittery Trading Post to stop selling these kinds of weapons and high capacity magazines, and urges consumers to boycott the store until they make a change.

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"I have a child who goes to school and I felt this was something I could no longer stay silent about," said Annette Spencer, one of seven women behind the petition. She said a group of her friends saw the violence in Parkland, Florida, and were motivated to make a change.

"We felt there was a real movement among consumers, who maybe felt frustrated by a lack of progress in Washington," said Kristen Swann.

Seeing retailers like Dick's Sporting Goods and L.L. Bean make gun sale changes encouraged the women. They hoped the Kittery Trading Post would consider similar moves.

Swann said she did hear back from a company spokesperson, who said they would keep selling those kinds of weapons.

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"It was a very frustrating and disappointing conversation," she said.

Now, they're calling for a boycott.

"I can't shop there anymore, and I'm going to let people know," said Kim Vachon.

A spokesperson for the Kittery Trading Post did not respond to multiple requests for comment Tuesday.

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Customers at the store were split on the issue. One man, who did not want to use his name, said the boycott was misdirected. He felt the most important issue to address was mental health.

Supporters have launched their own online petition, asking the Kittery Trading Post to "uphold the traditions of rugged independence and outdoor enthusiasm" and continue selling semi-automatic weapons. It has more than 1,000 signatures.