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Worcester Bravehearts Draw Looks After Tweeting Photo of Billboard



    Worcester Bravehearts Billboard Slogan Goes Viral

    A tweet from the Worcester Bravehearts is getting a lot of attention.

    (Published Friday, May 17, 2019)

    Worcester Bravehearts baseball is about to get underway for the season. But when the team took to Twitter to promote opening day, the message may have been taken the wrong way.

    The tweet included a photo of a billboard the team put up last year with the caption, "The Clap is Back."

    "Oh God," said Jessica Cicero of Worcester.

    "They messed up real good," laughed Hector Diaz of Worcester.

    "Oh wow, OK, that's interesting," said Claudia Allain of Leicester.

    "Last year, no one saw it, and now, this year, we had posted a photo of it on Twitter and it went viral," said Group Experience Coordinator Jeff Gaucher of the Worcester Bravehearts.

    The phrase "the clap" is an older slang term for a sexually transmitted disease.

    "That's a little bit awkward," said Lauren O'Brien of Gardner.

    "They should probably check the slogans a third time," Cicero said.

    With thousands of likes, shares and comments, even the Bravehearts joked that they fired their marketing team.

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    "It's a little racy, but I mean, if you know the Bravehearts and you know the story then you understand, 'The Clap is Back,'" Tim Harvey of Rutland said.

    "The clap" at a Bravehearts baseball game is what fans and players do to celebrate every time the team scores a run. And while the team is glad everyone is talking about Bravehearts baseball, they have a message for their fans.

    "Many people are overreacting with outrageous comments, and to them, I say, 'Get your heads out of the gutter,'" Gaucher said.

    And just in case you missed their intended message, the Worcester Bravehearts kick off their new season May 30.

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