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Yale Law Students Stricken With Possible Norovirus



    Yale Law Students Stricken With Possible Norovirus

    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015)

    Dozens of Yale Law School students were stricken with what university officials said could be Norovirus. At this point, it is not clear where the illnesses may have come from and the school is investigating.

    Since the beginning of last week, up to 30 first-year law school students have come down with a stomach bug - possibly Norovirus, an infection that often comes with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, school administrators said.

    The law school alerted Yale Health Services, Yale Emergency Management Services as well as the health departments for the city of New Haven and the state of Connecticut.

    Jan Conroy, director of communications for Yale Law School released a brief statement to NBC Connecticut.

    "We began a deep cleaning of law school public areas on Thursday night - a cleaning that continued through the weekend and into this week," she wrote.

    On campus, students hope the 30 or so people who became sick are now feeling better.

    “The problem is, we’re all in such close proximity that one person catches it, then their roommate catches it, then their friends catch it and then, suddenly everyone you know has it," Alexa Kalandiak, a Yale student, said.

    Yale officials are still investigating if the illnesses were, in fact, related to Norovirus or something else.

    In the meantime, any student feeling sick is advised to go to the campus health center.