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Yale Student Hospitalized With Likely Bacterial Meningitis

Yale Student Hospitalized With Likely Bacterial Meningitis

A Yale University student has been hospitalized after contracting a probable case of bacterial meningitis. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016)

A Yale College student is hospitalized with probable bacterial meningitis, according to a statement on the Yale Health web site.

The student was admitted last night to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where his or her condition is being closely monitored.

As a precaution, the university is working with local and state departments of health to identify people who had close, extended contact with the student so they can offer preventative treatment.

“Only those who have come into close, extended contact with a person with bacterial meningitis are at risk of infection. Additional information on bacterial meningitis can be found on the Centers for Disease Control website,” a statement from Yale Health says.

“I got my vaccination just prior to coming to college," Peter Chung, a Yale sophomore, told NBC Connecticut. “It’s a serious illness but I’m not worried because, you know, there is a vaccine.”

The university has activated its emergency response protocol and set up a telephone hotline staffed by healthcare professionals for those seeking additional information. The hotline number is 866-924-9253.