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Last-minute Holiday Centerpieces



    Last-minute holiday centerpieces

    Amy Kimball of Amy Kimball Events looks at how to make centerpieces with items you can find around your house (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN) - Amy Kimball of Amy Kimball Events joined The Morning Show to share some last-minute DIY holiday centerpieces using items you can find around the house on Christmas morning!

    Centerpiece #1: 
    -- Use a hurricane vase or any vase you have 
    -- Pour sugar in the bottom to make “snow”
    -- Clip greens from your Christmas tree and add to the vase
    -- Cover with festive items such as small ornaments

    Centerpiece #2:
    -- Take ornaments off your tree and add to glass cylinders or bowls. Arrange by color to make a nice display.

    Centerpiece #3:
    -- Create a sugared fruit centerpiece using egg whites, fruit, and sugar.