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Plastic Water Bottle Bans Take Effect in 2 Communities



    Plastic water bottle bans take effect in 2 communities

    Concord, Mass., University of Vermont ban single plastic water bottles (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN) – Starting New Year’s Day, you can no longer buy single plastic water bottles in Concord, Mass.

    The law was passed back in April and now stores that violate the ban will be fined up to $50.
    Concord is one of the first communities in the country to make single plastic water bottles illegal.

    Some businesses oppose the ban, saying it will drive business out of town.

    Elsewhere, the University of Vermont's ban on bottled water also takes effect Jan. 1.

    UVM says it is the first public university in the country to end the sale of bottled water.

    Flat, unflavored water is no longer being sold in stores, vending machines, and cafes on campus.
    Soda, juice, and other drinks that come in plastic bottles are still being sold.
    This is part of a campaign at UVM to make the Burlington school "greener."

    UVM installed filling stations around campus to encourage students and staff to use more eco-friendly reusable water bottles