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Snow Causes Problems for Utility Crews in NH



    (NECN: Eileen Curran, Manchester, NH) - The heavy, wet snow in New Hampshire is causing a lot of problems for utility crews.

    The April Fool’s snow storm was no joke for people in New Hampshire.  Nearly thirty thousand were without power at the height of the storm, including Mary O’Neil of Manchester.

    “I’m wearing layers and layers of clothing and just hoping it will be turned on soon,” said O’Neil.

    The utility pole outside her home cracked under the weight of the spring snow.

    “It was bending over almost hitting the other house across the street from us,” O’Neil said.

    Public Service of New Hampshire had 150 crews out during the storm to make repairs as quickly as possible. By noon nearly half of the customers had their power restored.

    “It’s cold today,” said Matt Babcock of PSNH.  “You want to make sure that everybody can get their furnaces going (and) keep the kids warm that were home from school,” he said.

    Ron Miller of Atkinson, NH had hoped to put his snowblower away for the season, but there he was, April first, clearing snow from his driveway.

    “I was shocked,” said Miller. “I didn’t expect I’d be out here snow blowing.”

    Mary O’Neil said she’s behind in her cooking and laundry thanks to the storm, but she knows power outages come with the territory.

    “Being a New Englander, this happens quite often,” she said.  “We’re used to it and you just have to bear with it.”

    PSNH expects to have everyone’s power restored by Saturday morning.