'Perfect Storm for Wildfires' Hits Texas - NECN

'Perfect Storm for Wildfires' Hits Texas



    (NECN/CNN) - Texas is burning. And it's not just rural areas threatened by wildfire -- the flames have reached the doorstep of the state capitol.

    The outskirts of Austin are being called the 'perfect storm for wildfires.' Firefighters battled gusty winds and some of the driest conditions in nearly a century as they work to protect homes in the state capitol.

    About1,300 personnel from 34 states are on the front lines with thousands of fires burning more than a million-and-a-half acres statewide so far this season.

    The wind-blown flames are frustrating firefighters and frightening residents in Palo Pinto county, west of Fort Worth and Dallas.

    Authorities say the fires have killed one firefighter and injured 18 others and nearly 250 homes are lost.

    Rick Vincent reports.