2 Emaciated Dogs Abandoned in New Britain

New Britain police are investigating why two emaciated dogs were found in the city a week apart.

Both dogs appear to have been in kennels for most of their life and police said they had very little nutrition and it’s not clear where the dogs were before they were found roaming in New Britain, soaked in their own urine and feces.

The two dogs were dumped off in New Britain in separate locations, one week apart, police said. Both are pit bull mixes.

One brindle dog was found on Alton Brooks Way behind the CREC School on March 25. Police said he was starving. Even though he is estimated to be about two years old, police said he had the bone density of and elder dog. He was so emaciated police said he may have died if he were not found sooner.

It’s possible he was hit by a vehicle after being dumped, police said.

A second dog, which has a yellow coat, was found April 1 at Fairview Cemetery on Smalley Street. The dog is estimated to be about 1 to 2 years old, with several sore spots on his body and emaciated about 20 pounds under weight.

The brindle dog, now named Trooper, will make a full recovery and a veterinary staff member who fell in love with him as he was recovering has already adopted the dog.

The blonde dog is still recovering and will be available for adoption the week of April 10.

Police believe the dogs belonged to someone and they are looking for the possible owners, who could face felony animal cruelty charges. It’s unknown whether the dogs belonged to the same person.

Anyone with information should call 860-826-3079 or email Police are looking for information on where the dogs were before they were found roaming.

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