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Royal Reception in Washington DC for Britain's Prince Harry



    Prince Harry is on 7-day tour in US, focusing on the fallen and wounded soldiers (Published Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Tracie Potts) - Britain's Prince Harry continues his 7-day U.S. tour in Washington on Friday where he'll focus on the fallen and wounded soldiers.

    Gentle diplomacy is the goal of the younger prince's visit and it seems to be working, at least for the women around Washington.

    There was screaming, giggling and women snapping pictures. They were so loud that security had to quiet them.

    Even Capitol Hill staffers couldn't resist getting a glimpse of the prince as he toured an exhibit on landmines, one of his mother's favorite causes.

    He talked about it Thursday night:

    "The chance for a life peace, surely the natural and rightful expectation of every human being, is no more than a dream so long as these dreadful weapons remain where they are, layed or discarded."

    The prince unexpectedly stopped by the White House for afternoon tea where he helped children make Mother’s Day gifts.

    Friday, he'll lay a wreath at Arlington Cemetery and visit wounded soldiers at Walter Reed.

    "He has spent much of his time supporting our wounded warriors and the families of our fallen," First Lady Michelle Obama said.

    Just back from flying apache helicopters over Afghanistan, the prince heads to Colorado for the warrior games this weekend.

    It’s 200 wounded soldiers in an Olympic-style competition:

    "Warrior games gives us a chance to show the world that we're not out of the fight yet, we hit a speed bump," said Michael Dayton.

    This trip is very different from his much-publicized escapades in Las Vegas last year.

    "It's really an attempt to show that he cares. What a different side that is than what played out 12 months ago," said Robert Moore.

    He’s connecting with everyday Americans in a British sort of way!

    Next week, he's back on the east coast, touring damage from superstorm Sandy.