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Obama's Push for Action in Syria



    President Obama plans to win over Americans and U.S. allies on Tuesday (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Steve Handelsman, Washington) - President Obama's argument to strike in Syria is so far not convincing most Americans or key U.S. allies.

    President Obama announced from the G20 in Russia that he'll try Tuesday on prime time TV.

    "I will make the best case that I can to the American people as well as to the international community to take the necessary and appropriate action," the President said.

    As he headed back home, that looked like a hard sell to Allentown, Pa. resident and Syrian American, Sarina Babione.

    "I think it's a horrible thing to go after Syria," Babione said.

    Opposition was equally as strong in Kansas City, Mo.

    "How can we afford another military action?" said one man.  

    The loudest voices are saying no.

    Through the website Popvox, 98 percent say: Don't strike Syria.

    Co-founder Rachna Choudry says they're just more vocal.

    "What we're seeing on Popvox is the people that have made up their minds and want to be heard by their members of Congress, and they're weighing in opposition," said Choudry.

    Assuming they can still win in Congress, backers of striking in Syria are pushing back.

    "I frankly feel like if an atrocity goes unpunished, you buy more atrocities," said Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia.

    The Senate will make a decision on Syria as soon as Wednesday.

    Senate leaders admit the votes are not there, yet, to greenlight the strike the president plans.