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Worcester, Mass. City Manager Resigning



    Mike O’Brien announced he’s leaving his position for a job in the private sector, working with WinnCompanies (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Katelyn Tivnan) – There will be a change at the top. In a 3-page letter, Worcester, Mass. City Manager Mike O’Brien detailed his reasons for stepping down. He announced he is leaving his position for a job in the private sector working with Boston-based WinnCompanies.

    “I think this is going to resonate throughout the community, and give us time to reflect on what he's done and accomplished and also what it takes to be a good city manager for the city of Worcester,” said Barbara Haller.

    O'Brien says the decision wasn't easy but it is the right move for himself and his family, saying in part:

    “I feel strongly I am leaving at a good time in our city's history- where we have hit a positive stride, that leaders in all positions are aligned to advance the cause of our community as a whole.”

    O'Brien has worked as city manager of Worcester since 2004.

    Haller was on the council when he was hired. While she did not start out as a fan, she quickly became a supporter of his work.

    “He's so much a part of Worcester, anything that gets done in Worcester has O'Brien stamp on it so there is concern over who is going to take his place.”

    “He's so truly bright, never seen anyone who could be five steps ahead of everyone else; his mind is constantly working,” said Paul Cantiani.

    He has known O'Brien for more than 20 years and says he has done great work as city manager but understands it’s time for him to move on.

    “It's about time he's outlived his usefulness as a city manager; he's so bright; it is time he goes on to bigger and better things and he is.”

    O'Brien will join WinnCompanies in January as the executive vice president.

    In a statement the company says:

    “Mike is an impressive executive talent who will immediately contribute to the excellence, innovation and drive that is at the core of all that we do.”