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The War in Afghanistan: By the Numbers

The 16-year conflict has spread across three presidential administrations



    Truck Bomb Kills Scores in Kabul Diplomatic Area

    A massive explosion just days into the holy month of Ramadan killed 90 people and wounded hundreds more in a diplomatic area of Afghanistan’s capital Wednesday. No group has yet claimed responsibility. (Published Wednesday, May 31, 2017)

    The 16-year conflict in Afghanistan has cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars, as NBC News reports, and it has now spread across three presidential administrations.

    Then-President Barack Obama ended the combat mission “Operation Enduring Freedom” in 2014, but the two countries eventually agreed that the U.S. would keep some troops in Afghanistan even after the combat mission concluded.

    The cost to the United States could creep as high as nearly $2 trillion, according to Brown University’s Cost of War Project.