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Chris Christie Visits N.H., Comments on Obama's Iran Deal

He's made more stops in the state than any other candidate in the 2016 presidential field



    Chris Christie in N.H.

    (Published Friday, July 17, 2015)

    On Friday, Chris Christie arrived at Chapanga's Griddle and Grill in Milford for his 13th New Hampshire town hall where he had some points he wanted to make on President Obama's deal with Iran.

    Speaking about the deal, Christie said, "He said we have anytime/anywhere access to the key nuclear sites in Iran. Well, read the agreement. Completely untrue. This is not a mistake he made. This is not a slip of the tongue. This is a lie."

    Christie says Obama is trying to sell the nuclear deal even though he knows it's a bad one – especially when it comes to inspections.

    "If we catch them doing something and we have to wait 24 days – is that any time/anywhere? Is that an honest statement?" Christie said.

    With a standing room only crowd, Christie spoke for almost 2 hours, answering questions from climate change (he thinks it's real but would not regulate carbon), to campaign-finance reform (he would eliminate it in all forms), to border security. Christie said, "They talk about building a wall, sounds good, everyone's pounding their chest… Its not a solution."

    But it's Obama's Iran deal where Christie clearly sees an opportunity to win support of voters showing he would be far tougher with Iran then the lead Democratic opponent.

    "Mrs. Clinton now owns the big lie of the second term. The big lie is any time/anywhere we can inspect in Iran," he said.

    I asked Christie how it is that Hillary Clinton owns the around deal. He said, "because she just endorsed it. She endorsed it the first Day it was announced. She went to Capitol Hill and said she supports it and endorses the deal. So now she owns it. She owns it and I oppose it."

    Chris Christie is currently polling in the low single digits, which means he's not a shoe in for the first Republican, televised, debate in August. But he seems confident that campaigning as a tough, straight talker will help him get there.

    Christie has made more New Hampshire stops than any other candidate in the 2016 presidential field, with 58.

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