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Jeb Bush Criticizes George W. Bush in New Hampshire

He was asked by a voter for an example of an issue where he differs from the former President



    Jeb Bush Criticizes George W. Bush in New Hampshire

    Jeb Bush criticized his brother George W. Bush's management of federal spending during a stop in New Hampshire on Thursday.

    It happened at a restaurant in Concord, where Bush took questions during a chamber of commerce breakfast. 

    Bush was asked by a voter for "an example of an issue where there is big space" between the brothers, in light of his reluctance to criticize the former President on Iraq last week. He cited Washington spending during his brother's time as President.

    "Are there differences? Yeah, I mean sure," Bush said. "I think that in Washington during my brother's time Republicans spent too much money. I think he could have used the veto power. He didn't have line item veto power, but he could have brought budget discipline to Washington, D.C.

    "There are other things, I'm sure. I don't feel compelled to go out of my way, though, to criticize Republican presidents. I don't know, just call me a team player here. It just so happens the last two Republican presidents happen to be my dad and my brother."

    Bush was also asked about Hillary Clinton's reluctance to take questions from the media.

    "I'm sure you'll get a chance to ask her," he said. "Eventually she'll get out of her, the Scooby Dooby, and interact with press and people."

    Clinton is scheduled to visit New Hampshire on Friday.

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