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New Hampshire Lawmaker Proposes Ban on Russian Vodka in Response to Election Hacking

Jeff Woodburn wants a bipartisan commission to look at suspending Russian-made liquor purchases and whether the state retirement system should divest Russian-based assets



    NH Lawmaker Proposes Russian Vodka Ban

    After reports of Russian hacking influencing the election, a New Hampshire senator is proposing a ban on vodka made in Russia. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017)

    A New Hampshire lawmaker is proposing a state ban on Russian-made vodka as retaliation for Russia's alleged interference in our presidential election.

    The Democratic senator behind the proposal says the ban is an appropriate way to respond, but vodka lovers at the Hooksett Rest Area in New Hampshire say the proposal is just plain silly.

    "It's ridiculous," said Susan Maynard of Milford, Massachusetts. "I'll buy what I want."

    Republican State Rep. Al Baldasaro agrees.

    "I thought it was crazy. I think the senator is losing it," Baldasaro told NBC Boston Tuesday.

    Baldasaro calls the proposal "proof" that Democrats are sore losers.

    "They need to, like I said to the liberal media, get their heads out of their butts and focus on real issues facing our country," Baldasaro said.

    Sen. Jeff Woodburn argues this is a real issue.

    "There is nothing is more fundamental than the purity of our election process," Woodburn said.

    The Senate Minority Leader wants to create a bipartisan commission to explore appropriate retaliatory measures against Russia for its alleged interference in our presidential election.

    "One of the things that popped into my mind is Russian vodka," he said.

    And it turns out to be quite popular inside our state liquor stores.

    Last year, the State Liquor Commission sold $6.4 million worth of Russian liquor. Money Woodburn thinks would be better spent on local products.

    If passed, the bill would not automatically ban Russian-made vodka, it would simply create that committee to explore the state’s response to the alleged hacking.

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