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Former Clinton Staffer Tracks Potential Trump Conflicts on '' Website

The website he made is straightforward, but the URL is a bit more cheeky



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    Matt Ortega
    Former Clinton campaign staffer Matt Ortega (inset) created and maintains the website, where he keeps track of Donald Trump's potential conflicts of interest.

    One former Hillary Clinton staffer, concerned with the possible conflicts of interests that could arise because of Donald Trump’s businesses, decided to catalog these potentially problematic relationships online with his own website. And while the site itself is presented as straightforward and serious, its URL is a bit more cheeky:

    Matt Ortega, the former digital director for communications for the Clinton campaign, maintains the website himself. He told NBC News he sees the project as necessary to keep track of the president-elect's many business interests.

    The .af suffix in the domain name is actually pulled from Afghanistan’s country code, but the site isn’t affiliated with the war-torn nation. Instead, Ortega is using the .af in its modern form, as an initialism for “as f---,” meaning “very.”