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Trump Sets the Agenda in New Hampshire



    Trump Sets the Agenda in New Hampshire

    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015)

    Asked about his immigration policy, John Kasich said, "We've got to finish the wall and if there are special interests that try to block it, tough - just get it done."

    Tough talk on immigration from Kasich days after his Republican Presidential opponent, Donald Trump laid out an immigration reform plan - that has helped catapult the real estate mogul into first place.

    Trump says he would send undocumented immigrants and their children back to the countries they came from.

    Trump has made birthright citizenship a key issue of this race though John Kasich disagreed with that notion as he outlined the key elements of his more moderate immigration plann that includes a guest worker program and a path to legalization for law abiding immigrants already in the US.

    Kasich said, "I think the public would absolutely support that. I'll tell you what they don't want. What they don't want at the end of the day is to have a bunch of cars driving around hunting down families to ship them out."

    Whether or not immigration and birthright citizenship will be a hot topic in the coming months remains to be seen. At the very least, Donald Trump is for now, setting the GOP agenda and it seems pushing some of his opponents to follow.

    Scott Walker says we should end birthright citizenry adding, "it's about enforcing the laws in this country."

    Rick Santorum and Bobby Jindal agree.

    Jeb Bush, like John Kasich, now among the few Republicans who disagree.

    Bush said, "To suggest that people born in this country are not United States citizens and they don't have this in the constitution I just reject out of hand.".

    Former Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey was in Londonderry, New Hampshire, where six Republican Presidential candidates were speaking at an education summit.

    " I think it's really regrettable that all of the discussion around Donald Trump and the really crazy things he has been saying - has been driving the discussion away from the subjects that really matter... I'm actually hopeful that this time around, we're going to be talking about issues that have deep meaning to Americans - including education," Healey said. 

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