Boston Mayor Menino Goes on the Record

(NECN: Alison King) – Boston Mayor Tom Menino isn't getting around as quickly as he'd like to these days, but with the help of a cane, he says he's doing better than he expected.

"I'm not sitting around and moping, let me tell you. I feel good about it, I feel energized," he said.

Menino is gearing up for his state of the city address next Tuesday, a speech he says that will highlight equity issues for women, such as access to child care and lay out a plan for Boston schools.

"Most important issue is quality and then choice is second," Menino said.

And the mayor is still fully engaged in the political scene.

Menino thinks a primary would be a good thing in the race to replace Senator John Kerry.

As he told Peter Howe on CEO Corner, which airs this Sunday, he thinks Congressman Stephen Lynch will join the already-announced Congressman Ed Markey on the list of candidates.

"I believe he'll get into the race. You'll have a Markey/Lynch primary and … so the two of them will go at each other and I think you'll see Lynch announce right after the confirmation of John Kerry," Menino said.

For now, Menino's biggest challenges is his daily physical therapy session and adjusting to a post-diabetes diagnoses diet.

"Oh yeah, the diet's much different, let me just tell you, that's the biggest part, not the legs or anything else - it's the diet," Menino said.

So what food is the most painful for Mayor Menino to give up?

"It's a combination of things,” he said. "I was watching the football game the other night with a Priest friend of mine and his pal and there was pizza there and old Tommy - will power - didn't eat one piece of it."

However, many want to know whether the longtime mayor will run again, and on that topic, Mayor Menino stayed mum.

"Well, you're asking a very difficult trick question. I do my best. I know you do your best.  At this time I'm not answering any trick questions that have double meanings," he said.

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