Braude Beat: Heated Exchange in Bulger Trial

(NECN) - It's time for the Braude Beat, and on Tuesday, Broadside host Jim Braude weighed in on the day's top stories.

The James "Whitey" Bulger trial saw a heated exchange between alleged mobster Bulger and his former right-hand man Kevin Weeks.

"A 'rat' is a pretty hot term in any setting, but I guess amongst killers, or alleged killers or whatever - I have to say ... Loyalty is everything," Braude says.

Search warrants of former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez's North Attleboro, Mass. home were also released Tuesday.

"Yeah, the thing that stuck with me the most by far was when he was being questioned by police officers and they said this was a death investigation - a lot of people are focusing on this so-called slammed door. That is not insignificant. What's most significant to me, which is only circumstantial, is that he never said, 'Whose death?' And normal humans, when they're told there's a death that we're discussing or investigating, the response is 'Who is it that died? Who is it that was murdered?' That didn't happen," Braude says.

Braude also weighs in on a potential change in withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.

Watch the attached video for the complete discussion.

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