Broadside: 2014 Political Ad Watch

(NECN) - There's a full-scale ad war being waged on TVs and over airwaves in the 2014 battle for control of Congress, even though the election isn't until November.

John Carroll, Boston University professor and Campaign Outsider blogger, weighs in on a host of campaign ads from around the country that has political observers talking.

One ad from South Carolina is raising hackles among politically ambitious defense attorneys.

The ad targets Vincent Sheheen, alleging that he only would protect South Carolina from dangerous criminals so long as they weren't paying him.

Carroll says the ad has "shades of Willie Horton."

"This is something that really strikes at the heart of the justice system because who ever it is has a right to a defense and a good spirited defense, and any defense lawyer is going to think twice now about taking cases like this if they have any political ambitions at all," he said.

Watch the attached video for more.

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