Broadside: Charlie Baker’s Future

(NECN) - He may have lost the 2010 Mass. governor's race, but Charlie Baker is still in the public eye.

The Needham, Mass. Republican continues to prove his mettle as a business entrepreneur. He's also keeping many political observers guessing his future plans.

Baker told Broadside host Jim Braude there is zero chance of him entering the special U.S. Senate election as a Republican. As for entering the upcoming 2014 governor's race, Baker says he's "50-50," especially now that he's chairman of the board of directors for Oceans Healthcare in Louisiana, according to the Boston Herald. The Herald also reports Baker was behind the $17 million funding round for the health provider through his roll in Mass.-based General Catalyst Partners.

"It's certainly something my wife and I have talked about, but I'm enjoying what I'm doing and I like this organization and we'll see what happens," Baker says.

Baker also weighed in on the state of current Mass. politics, including Governor Deval Patrick choosing his former chief of staff, William "Mo" Cowan, as interim U.S. Senator.

"I know Mo sort of. I've met him a few times. I know a lot of people who know him, and I actually think this is one of those cases where both sides are right," he says about the criticism of Governor Patrick's pick. "He's a really accomplished and very good guy, and obviously a confidant of the Governor. He doesn't have Washington experience. I mean, it really becomes a question of which one - the Governor prioritized the way he felt most appropriate on this, other people had different views."

For now, Baker says he's excited about being involved with Oceans Healthcare.

"I'm going to be involved with the company - I mean, I'm spending a lot of my time down there now, and I'll probably continue to do that," he says. "It's a neat little business and I'm impressed with the people who founded it."

Watch the attached video for the complete interview.

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