Broadside: Friend of Jennifer Martel Speaks Out

(NECN) – Jared Remy, the son of Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy, is suspected of stabbing and killing his girlfriend, Jennifer Martel.

Kristina Hill, Martel’s neighbor and good friend, witnessed the alleged stabbing. She joined NECN to share memories and lessons for women in abusive relationships.

Hill said that her and her family did not realize Martel was scared of Remy until the end.

“Leading up to it- that summer in particular, but probably starting around March,” Hill said. “She said ‘Oh, Jared tried to clock me so I hit him in the face,’ and I said ‘Jen, what are you doing? You got to get out of this.’”

Hill discussed multiple events that led to Martel’s murder.

On Tuesday, August 13, Hill talked about the day Remy assaulted Martel and how a restraining order was put in place against him. However, Martel did not go to her court date. Hill said this is because Phoebe Remy, Jared’s mother, asked her not to attend.

The Martel family has custody of Martel and Remy’s daughter, Arianna. Hill talked about how Martel’s family had moved away during her senior year of high school and she had a good relationship with the Remy family.

“She loved all of them. She loved Jared’s son. She considered him like her own son. She loved him and she bragged about him. She loved Jordan and Jenna and couldn’t say enough nice stuff about them,” Hill remembered.

In addition, Hill talked about her personal issues with the Remy family.

Hill has set up a memorial fund for Martel to speak out against domestic violence. You can learn more here.

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