Broadside: Is Crosby Bending the Rules?

(NECN) - Tuesday, Massachusetts Gaming Commission chair Stephen Crosby presided over a key vote on the future of competition for a resort casino, with the communities of Revere, East Boston and Everett watching closely.

Crosby himself has been in the spotlight this week because of reports in the Boston Globe, which highlighted his past business ties to someone who could profit from a casino in Everett.

Tuesday, the Globe's editorial page weighed in, writing that Crosby had informed the state ethics commission and cleared the air of any question of conflict of interest.

But the controversy isn't over just yet.

"What Commissioner Crosby said is that he's going to recuse himself from any deliberations about the land, but not about the awarding of the casino for the land, so this is about a windfall profit of tremendous proportions," former Inspector General of Massachusetts Gregory Sullivan says.

Sullivan says the recusal doesn't dismiss there is a conflict of interest.

Watch the attached video for more.

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