Broadside: Mass. State Sen. Chang-Diaz on Charter Schools' Future

(NECN) – In Massachusetts, the debate continues if the cap should be lifted on charter schools. This comes as 40,000 children are on charter school waiting lists statewide.

Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, co-chair of the education committee, joined NECN to discuss how she has started a one-week countdown deadline for a compromise to be reached by lawmakers, which would raise the cap and allow full funding.

She says that she wants children at both public schools and charter schools to benefit from the decision.

“I think we all agree the money should follow the child. No question,” Sen. Chang-Diaz said.

However, Sen. Chang-Diaz says there are long-term structural issues that need to be solved, most of which are financial.

“In reality, there’s a lot of other financial flow back and forth of money and we can’t look at any one of those in isolation,” she said. “There are things on both sides of the ledger that people have been rightly complaining about for a long time- injustices on both sides. We got to go through that checklist and quit complaining about it and fix it.”

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