Broadside: Previewing Alison King's Interview With Obama

(NECN) - NECN political reporter Alison King finished an exclusive interview President Barack Obama on Wednesday.

King says the president commented on Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's political future and more.

"Deval has done a great job and I think signals that he could be very successful at the federal level as well. I suspect, knowing his wife I as I do, that they're going to be taking a little bit of time off, but it's wise for him not to foreclose it, because he's enormous talent and I know he still has a lot of energy and vision left in him," President Obama said.

King says a few local TV anchors and reporters were invited by the White House, which is done on at least an annual basis, and it's usually centered around a few key issues - in this case, raising the minimum wage and the Affordable Care Act deadline, which is March 31.

There was also a morning off-the-record coffee with Press Secretary Jay Carney and an interview with the White House Chef Sam Cass.

Tune in tonight for the Only News at 9 for King's exclusive interview with President Obama.

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