Broadside: Taking the White Ribbon Pledge

(NECN) – Thursday is the seventh White Ribbon Day in Mass., which calls to men to put a stop to domestic violence.

A gathering of men will take a pledge against domestic violence at Gardner Auditorium, with Mass. Governor Deval Patrick as a backer of the event.

Pastor Ron Odom of True Vine Church and Dr. Reza Askari, a trauma unit physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, joined NECN to discuss the issues.

Dr, Askari says one out of four women will experience violence from a partner in their lifetime.

"I think it’s important to raise awareness. How much it works… it certainly does work and I think in our healthcare we have to raise awareness for this problem, and it’s up to us as healthcare providers to raise this issue and ask our patients when we see them if they’re experiencing any violence,"” Dr. Askari added.

In wake of President Obama holding an event to raise awareness of violence among young men of color, Pastor Odom says that these events are related. Pastor Odom’s son was the victim of gun violence in 2007.

"I believe that things will get better, but when we see and hear of the same thing going on after seven years, I believe something has to change, or maybe there’s something that we’re not doing. So I see your point," Pastor Odom said. "I believe when people see a collective of people coming together, that represents unity, and I believe that things will get better."

In addition, Dr. Askari and Pastor Odom further discussed the importance of spreading awareness.

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