Broadside: What's Elizabeth Warren's Future Hold?

(NECN) - Elizabeth Warren's new book is a biographical. It's titled "A Fighting Chance." Warren brought her book on a tour of Boston this week.

Warren's future brings about an intriguing topic for discussion.

State Sen. Brian Joyce and Republican political consultant Alicia Preston joined Jim Braude on Broadside to talk about what Warren's future holds.

It's not farfetched to think that Warren wrote the book in order to propel herself to a higher position within politics. Braude believes Warren could be angling to make a run at the presidential ticket.

"Who doesn't want to rise to the top of their profession," said Joyce.

Preston said both Hillary Clinton and Warren on the same ticket just won't happen, assuming Clinton is actually on it. "We haven't had a woman president yet or vice president. They're not going to put one of each up," said Preston.

Joyce and Preston also discussed the Revere, Mass. casino issue and the potential Democratic governor candidates for the upcoming primary.

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