Conn. Residents Upset With House Over Sandy Aid

(NECN: Brian Burnell) - Late and lacking. That's how people in Connecticut, hit hard by Superstorm Sandy, are reacting to the House of Representatives approval of $9.7 billion to help pay flood insurance claims.  

"I think it's outrageous that the homeowners down here on Fairfield beach and in other coastal locations are not being taken care of. This is why we have flood insurance, and it doesn't seem to be kicking in," said Fairfield, Conn. resident Larry Hoffman.

"I'm grateful they did. I'm just at a loss at why it's taking so long and what in the world is keeping this aid from getting to people in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey that have been so hurt by the storm," Michael Tetreau, Fairfield's First Selectman, said.

Conn. Senator Richard Blumenthal agrees.

"This money is $9.7 billion that should have approved in the last session and it is, regrettably, late and inexcusably incomplete," Blumenthal said.

The Senate approved a $60 billion package and Blumenthal wants the House to match that amount. A vote is planned on an additional $51 billion dollars, but not until Jan. 15. Tetrau says its inexcusable.

"This is not what happened in Katrina; this is not what happens when a hurricane hits Florida. We've had plenty of experience with this. If there's something they want to change going forward, change it going forward, but don't hold our people hostage," Tetreau said.

Some Republicans say the bill is loaded with spending unrelated to storm damage. Blumenthal says that is not true. While politicians, argue people suffer.

"The storm was in October. We're now into January. Even though this is Fairfield, and Fairfield County, there's people who still don't have power. There's people who are still not back in their houses, people down here were really suffering," Fairfield resident Nancy Killian said.

The federal government has already spent more than $2 billion responding to Sandy.

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