Deval Patrick Reflects on Inauguration Day Proceedings

(NECN) - Somewhere in the media horde that covered the inauguration, there was NECN’s special correspondent -- and he's done this before.

R.D. Sahl was in the nation's capital on Monday for President Obama’s big day. He checked into “Broadside” to keep us in the loop about what was going on.

Sahl’s students from the BU News Service caught up with Gov. Deval Patrick after the inaugural proceedings in Washington and got his thoughts on the day’s proceedings.

“To sit up on the dais and look at an unending sea of people all the way back to the Washington Monument, and this kind of support for this president, is moving for me,” Patrick said. “And I think also appreciating that we see a new and fresh level of resolve in the president, a clarity of mission, and a commitment to do big things is also exciting.”

For more, see the video above.

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