Elizabeth Warren Getting Sworn in Again

BOSTON (AP) - Elizabeth Warren is getting sworn in again.

The state's newest U.S. senator is planning to hold a re-enactment of her swearing-in ceremony Saturday at Roxbury Community College in Boston.

The Democrat was formally sworn in on Thursday in Washington.

But Warren, the state's first woman senator, decided to hold the mock swearing-in as a way to thank supporters who couldn't trek down to the nation's capital.

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan will administer the oath of office.

Gov. Deval Patrick, a vocal supporter of Warren during the election is also scheduled to attend the event.

Kagan, the former dean of Harvard Law School where Warren taught, briefly became an issue during the election that propelled Warren into the Senate and ousted former Republican Sen. Scott Brown, who had opposed her nomination to the high court.

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