Mass. Mayor Sued Over Missing Finance Reports

(NECN: Jennifer Eagan, Lawrence, Mass.) - State officials say Lawrence, Mass. Mayor William Lantigua has ignored repeated requests to file a campaign finance report. 

Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley says Lantigua’s report is overdue by almost a year.

"This is, at this stage, an unacceptable ignorance on his part and ignoring of the law," Coakley said at a news conference Wednesday.

The attorney general’s office filed a lawsuit against Lantigua and Ana Soto, the treasurer of the Lantigua Committee. Coakley says Lantigua has already racked up $5,000 in unpaid fines, the max fine for not filing a campaign finance report.  He has been fined $25 per day since January 20, 2012. 

Lantigua's campaign finance report would detail who donated money to his campaign fund in 2011 and how the money was spent.

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