NuDay Syria Brings Humanitarian Aid Nation in Turmoil

(NECN) - President Obama continues to weigh his options on action in Syria as the U.N. Secretary General asks for more time to complete the investigation of the alleged chemical weapons attack.

For the first time Wednesday, the president said he's convinced the Assad regime did use chemical weapons to kill hundreds.

In an interview with PBS, he warns there needs to be international consequences for those actions.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron is promising British lawmakers he will not go to war until a U.N. chemical weapons team on the ground in Syria has a chance to report its findings.

The Syrian revolution has led to more than seven million people being displaced, and 70 thousand being killed.

NuDay Syria, a non-profit organization, is working to bring humanitarian aid to those in need there.

Nadia Alawa, who founded and heads NuDaySyria, joined NECN to explain her mission.

"The need for humanitarian aid is enormous inside of Syria," she said.

Alawa explains that it is dangerous for people to deliver containers to the country.

"This is what people are doing. They're risking their lives to help other people. This is what the Syrian people are all about," said Alawa. "Fifty-thousand antidotes were used over a couple of hours last week. That means 50,000 lives were saved. The price of each antidote is 50 cents."

For more information about NuDay Syria, visit their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

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