Obama, Security Team Developing Strategy to Deal With Unrest in Egypt

(NECN: NBC News: Tracie Potts) – President Obama is spending this holiday weekend with the First Family at Camp David, but it's a working holiday.

He and his national security team are developing strategy for how to deal with the growing unrest and transition of power in Egypt.

More protests are expected Friday.

Pushing democracy in Egypt is a delicate balance for the Obama administration with the military still in charge there.

With crowds still celebrating in Tahrir Square, we could see the other side of Egypt's revolution.

President Morsi's Muslim brotherhood is calling for protests over his removal.

"This is not freedom. They are arresting people without good order."

The military is trying to round up as many as 300 leaders who've scattered. Egyptians are furious with Morsi's government:

“They were prosecuting journalists for insulting the President. They rammed through a constitution that was written only by Islamists," says Ambassador Dennis Ross with the Washington Institute for Near East Politics.

"It really came down to day in and day out misery of the lives of average Egyptians," says Marc Ginsberg, former U.S. Ambassador to Morocco.

Supporters in Morsi's hometown were attacked. President Obama warned Egypt's army not to interfere with peaceful protests.

Before greeting military families at the White House, President Obama spent part of this holiday developing strategy with his national security team.

"It's gonna be very interesting to see whether Morsi will be reinstated as his supporters want or if the political scene as we have seen it outlined by the military, will emerge," says Abderrahim Foukara, bureau chief of Al Jazeera Washington.

Several cabinet members got on the phones with their Egyptian counterparts, trying to gain assurances that the military and its caretaker president will turn over power to a democratic government.

How is Egypt reacting to Morsi's removal? The country's stock market shot up 7-percent.

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