Returned Letters Spur Mass. Welfare Accounting Questions

(NECN: Alison King, Boston) - There are growing questions at the Massachusetts State House about the state's welfare system. Some Republicans want answers about a new report raising the possibility of a serious accounting problem.

About 478,000 voter registration mailings went out to welfare recipients last year as part of a voters' right case that was settled in July 2012. The problem is that about 19,000 of those mailings were returned, leaving to question how many people are receiving benefits despite not being qualified.

A new report shows the Department of Transitional Assistance has the incorrect addresses of 19,000 people who had sent voter registration applications last year.

Governor Deval Patrick says the the voting information was sent to a very broad group of people and the number of returned mailings does not reflect how big of a problem this is, still an investigation is underway.

NECN's Alison King has the complete story.

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