Russian Forces Take Over Crimea in Ukraine

(NECN) - Ukraine is in turmoil after the Upper House of Parliament in Russia gave President Vladimir Putin permission to deploy armed forces in the Crimea region.

The situation is not only difficult for those who live in that country, but also for their loved ones in the U.S.

Jack Porter was born in Ukraine. His wife still has family there.

"I don't think we should worry about this. He has a sovereign relationship, agreements with Ukraine, and given the good will generated by Sochi, he's not going to destroy it," said Porter.

Video broadcast on Crimean television shows pictures of a military convoy traveling toward the Black Sea coast. Also in Crimea, armed men were spotted taking control of a military airport.

Many people in the Crimea region have strong ties to Russia and not the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

"That is one area that could ostensibly break away, but I don't believe the leadership of Ukraine will allow it," said Porter.

Ukraine's old leader is in Russia. Victor Yanukovich is blaming the West for the revolution and calling on Russia to get involved.

"The real problem that I see is the tension within Ukraine. Will parts of Ukraine split away and join the Russian side?" questioned Porter. "That's why we need the election March 25, immediately. As long as you have a vacuum of leadership, you will have this kind of thing going on."

The White House said that during a 90-minute telephone conversation with Putin Saturday, President Obama called for Russia to pull back his forces.

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