Tim Cahill Vows to Stay in Governor's Race

(NECN: Quincy, Mass.) - Independent Gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill is staying in the race, despite the departure of running mate Paul Loscocco, and two top staffers.

Loscocco has endorsed Republican candidate Charlie Baker, saying "Tim can't win".

Cahill's senior strategist John Weaver and campaign manager Adam Meldrum quit last week for the same reason.

Cahill says honoring his commitment to stay in the race is the right way to go.

"I'm not a quitter, I've never quit on anything I've done," Cahill told reporters. "I won't give in, and if the people of Massachusetts see that in me as a candidate, they'll know exactly what they'll have for a Governor."

Cahill made the announcement at his Quincy, Massachusetts campaign office Friday, just hours after Loscocco abandoned him.

Click here to watch Loscocco's announcement

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