Warren Feeling Great Heading Into Election Day

(NECN: Alysha Palumbo - West Roxbury, Mass.) - Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren arrived like a rock star to the Truman Rally in West Roxbury, Mass., on Monday night, complete with a campaign bus and a parade of pickup trucks carrying her union supporters.

The rally was an annual tradition for a quarter century that was revived last year after a five-year hiatus.

It is traditionally a non-partisan platform on election eve, but this year it seemed like a last minute “get out the vote” rally for Warren, who was clearly the main event.

Warren said, “It all comes down to one day; it comes down to what happens [Tuesday], what we know down to our toes is every vote counts. Say it with me, every vote counts!”

Warren blasted her Republican opponent Senator Scott Brown and his record, while touting her own promises, if elected.

Warren said, “I’m going to Washington to fight to keep Medicare, to keep social security and to keep health care benefits for all of us.”

And as she wrapped up her last official event before voters head to the polls in the Bay State, she told NECN she’s optimistic going into Election Day.

We asked Warren, “How are you feeling going into tomorrow?”

She said, “Feeling great, thank you. It’s exciting.”

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