Bernie Sanders to Visit NH for 1st Time Since 2020 Announcement

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders announced last month he will be running for president again

Presidential hopeful and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will make his first New Hampshire visit this weekend since announcing his ambitions to run for the White House in 2020.

Sanders is scheduled to host a rally at noon on Mar. 10 at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord. He announced he is running for office again on Vermont Public Radio last month.

The Independent said he aims to run on the same platform he did in 2016, when he championed progressive proposals like a $15 federal minimum wage, universal health care and to reduce student debt.

The Senator’s visit will follow several stops in Iowa on Saturday.

Sanders is among one of the favorites for New Hampshire Democratic voters, according to the University of New Hampshire. UNH’s Granite State Poll’s results showed Sanders had the most support out of the Dems who have so far announced themselves as 2020 candidates.

Sanders lost the 2016 Democratic primary to former secretary of state and former first lady Hillary Clinton.

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