Bernie Sanders: We Should Not ‘Turn Our Backs’ On Veterans

Bernie Sanders took part in the Veterans Day parade in Lebanon, New Hampshire, Wednesday

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was in New Hampshire Wednesday, honoring veterans and refusing to talk politics.

"I like him, I like him real well," said veteran Edwin Brooks after shaking Sanders hand along the Veteran's Day parade route in Lebanon.

The Democratic presidential candidate avoiding questions from reporters, instead focusing on the veterans in the crowd.

"If patriotism and love of country mean anything, it means we do not now or ever turn our backs on those who defended us," Sanders told the audience.

Our veterans, on the other hand, were happy to talk politics.

Korean War vet Louis Audette is a Sanders supporter but isn't very confident the self-proclaimed socialist will be successful.

"I hope he makes it, but he's going have a problem getting democrats to support him," Audette said. "They're looking for one of their own."

Sanders is the former chair of the Senate veterans affairs committee, a post well respected by Vietnam veteran Paul Currier.

"I've always been a Clinton fan but now Bernie came on the scene and I think he has a lot of good ideas," Currier said.

The latest Quinnipiac national poll shows Hillary Clinton surging ahead of Sanders, but in last week's Monmouth poll, Sanders is holding onto a slim three point lead in New Hampshire.

"He's a real person as opposed to the rich people who are usually politicians, he's our kind of people, and I think he will be our kind of president," Brooks said.

A Sanders campaign manager told necn the senator refused to answer questions from reporters because he was trying to keep the day focused on veterans instead of politics. 

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