Broadside: Political Verdict in Probation Trial

Kristen Hughes and Mara Dolan also weigh in on the benefits and setbacks of a 1-party government in a state

After weeks of testimony, Thursday was the second day the jury deliberated the verdict of the Bay State’s highly publicized Probation Department trial.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has spoken out on the prosecution’s evidence involving House Speaker Robert DeLeo, who has been accused of quid pro quo, but not charged.

Kristen Hughes, chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party, and Mara Dolan, a Democrat on the Massachusetts State Committee, joined NECN to discuss.

"What’s happening to Speaker DeLeo is even more outrageous in many ways because I don’t see how this isn’t a violation of his constitutional right to confront his accusers," Dolan began. "He’s denied the opportunity to defend himself in court. The only thing that’s left for him is the court of public opinion and that’s what he’s using."

Hughes explained that in this case, a legislator behaving badly creates a negative reflection on the Democratic Party.

"This is an indication that the super majority on Beacon Hill, which is Democrats, is a problem and the only way to change Beacon Hill is to send other people there and the fact is by sending Republicans up there to be the check and balance, by sending Charlie Baker into the Governor’s chair, is the important way to make sure that there is balance, that there are checks in the system," Hughes said.

Additionally, Dolan and Hughes discussed the benefits and setbacks with a one-party government.

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