Campaigning for Mass.

Jim Braude, Democrat Sheila Capone and Republican Lisa Barstow discuss Mass. races, Market Basket, gun control and more topics

As Massachusetts looks ahead to a series of primary elections, the race for attorney general may be the hottest in the commonwealth.

Democrat Sheila Capone and Lisa Barstow of the Republican state committee join Jim Braude on Broadside to discuss the controversy that began when attorney general candidate Warren Tolman used the word "unbecoming" to describe fellow candidate Maura Healy after she called him a lobbyist.

Healy's campaign responded with a letter, reading, in part, "Calling a woman 'unbecoming' just because she's asking tough questions is demeaning, sexist and certainly no way to celebrate Women's Equality Day."

"It's much ado about nothing," said Capone, who is supporting Tolman in the race. "It was a poor choice of words, but he was specifically referring to her behavior and not her as a person."

"It tells us something about Maura Healy and the feminist lobbying, fundraising machine that has been whacking out fundraising emails over this," said Barstow. "It's the male-female divide, and that's what continues to bother me. I think we should be past the point of the male-female thing."

The panel went on to discuss campaign ads from Tolman and Healy, as well as one from gubernatorial candidate Don Berwick, who depicted fellow Democratic candidates Martha Coakley and Steve Grossman as bickering children.

Additionally, Barstow and Capone share their thoughts on the Market Basket saga, the national gun control debate and other topics.

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