Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Projected to Win Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont and Maine

New Hampshire remains too close to call

NBC News is projecting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as the winner in five of the six New England states.

Clinton is projected to win Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont outright. Clinton also won three of Maine's four electoral votes, with Republican presidential nominee taking the remaining electoral vote.

The polls have also closed in New Hampshire, but NBC News said that state remained too close to call as of 2 a.m. Wednesday.

With Donald Trump leading, his supporters in the Granite State were pumped late Tuesday night.

New Hampshire was viewed as a critical swing state that could help sway the election.

Trump spent a great deal of time in both Maine and New Hampshire. He campaigned in Atkinson, New Hampshire on Friday, and spent election eve in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Clinton also focused a lot of her attention on the Granite State. She appeared in Manchester on Sunday and sent President Barack Obama to campaign on her behalf on Monday.

Below are county-level results in the presidential race:

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