Could Donald Trump's Running Mate Be From New England?

When it comes to Donald Trump's vice presidential choices, political consultant Scott Spradling expects Trump will give significant consideration to his former opponents.

Trump himself said Thursday there is a 40 percent chance he will choose a one-time Republican rival.

"You start this conversation with Marco Rubio and John Kasich," said Spradling. "Swing states, national candidates, people that are known."

Chris Christie is considered to be on that short list, and even Ted Cruz.

But the Trump campaign will likely cast a wide net that will undoubtedly include New Englanders.

Former Massachusetts Senator and current New Hampshire resident Scott Brown hosted a Trump rally in Portsmouth in January, endorsing Trump weeks later.

Spradling says Brown checks many key boxes, including an understanding of how Washington works from his two years in the Senate.

"Enough to know his way around, but enough to also know I'm a outsider," Spradling described Brown. "New Hampshire roots, good looking guy, eloquent, very good on the campaign trail."

Spradling says another New Hampshire politician, U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, is also likely being considered, especially given Trump's problem with female voters.

Ayotte would also be a bridge to the establishment, but her heated re-election bid against Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan presents problems if Trump were to win.

"You're talking about Republicans walking away from that Senate seat and potentially giving away the majority control in the U.S. Senate," Spradling said. "That makes it a very risky venture."

One other New Englander considered a possible VP choice is Maine Gov. Paul LePage, though Spradling says, since LePage is the gubernatorial equivalent of Trump in terms of outspokeness, the campaign would likely be looking for a candidate who would bring more to round out the Trump ticket.

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