DeLeo Defends record After Probation Hiring Trial Verdict

Mass. House Speaker Robert DeLeo goes on the record about the O'Brien trial, US Attorney Carmen Ortiz's tactics and more

Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo joined Broadside after the jury handed down guilty verdicts stemming from a hiring scandal in the state's probation department.

The Winthrop Democrat passionately defended his record and sounded off against U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz's tactics in the trial.

"I'm still angry," he said. "I wasn't mentioned in the opening statement, wasn't mentioned in the conclusion. They did a four year investigation, found that, you know, they had done nothing wrong, that there was no impropriety. Then all of a sudden, at the tail end of this case, so they could get in some other heresay evidence or what not, all of a sudden, my name is brought up and I turn like I'm sort of the center of this whole controversy."

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