Democratic Primary Debate for Massachusetts Governor, Part 1

Don Berwick, Martha Coakley and Steve Grossman sparred on the issues with moderator Jim Braude

All three Democratic candidates for Massachusetts governor met on NECN's Broadside for to debate on everything from casinos to job creation to the education in the Bay State Thursday evening.

Don Berwick is a pediatrician. In 1991, he founded the non-profit Institute for Healthcare Improvement. In 2010, President Obama chose him as administrator of the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services. He's a graduate of Harvard Medical School, and he and his wife live in Newton. They have four children and three grandchildren.

Martha Coakley is the attorney general of Massachusetts; prior to that, she was Middlesex County's district attorney. She was born and raised in North Adams, and graduated from Williams College in the first class to admit women. Her law degree is from Boston University. She and her husband live in Medford.

Steve Grossman is the Massachusetts state treasurer. He is the former CEO of Grossman Marketing Group as well as a former chair of the National Democratic Party under Bill Clinton. A graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Business School, he lives in Newton and is married with three sons and five grandchildren.

In this segment, the candidates debate if residents can trust Beacon Hill after the probation trial and ensuing scandal, clash on the right path for the Bay State and casinos, how to fix the Commonwealth's lottery inequalities and what has to be done to strengthen the state's education system.

The primary is Tuesday, Sept. 9. Thursday evening's event was their final televised debate.

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