Fierce Primary Battle For Middlesex DA's Position

Michael Sullivan says Marian Ryan mismanaged the office during the crucial Jared Remy case

Judging by the charges flying back and forth, the hottest political contest in the Democratic primary could be for an office that is one of the furthest down on the ballot.

Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan faces charges that she mismanaged her office during the crucial Jared Remy case.

Ryan's challenger, Michael Sullivan, is a former prosecutor for the county and state and serves as the Middlesex Clerk of Courts.

"Just a year ago last week, I remember being at home watching reports in the Remy case, and for the district attorney of Middlesex County to get before the press and blame the victim was beyond my comprehension, I think, beyond anyone of reasonable mind, comprehension in terms of the person who is supposed to be the voice for victims in the courtroom was blaming the victim in this particular instance," he said. 

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