Jeb Bush Visits New Hampshire

Republican former Florida governor has not yet officially declared his candidacy for GOP presidential nomination

Potential Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush visited New Hampshire Wednesday, talking about his qualifying credentials at a Portsmouth business roundtable.

Bush seized on one of the criticisms leveled against Democratic Front runner Hillary Clinton - that she avoids answering reporter questions.

"I'm sure now she'll start doing more of it, I hope," he said during his own Q&A session. "If you're going to be a candidate, or think about being a candidate, it's part of the process, for sure. I'm happy to answer your questions."

He found another opening against Clinton, since the former secretary of state claimed she no longer has access to the 55,000 pages of emails she turned over to the State Department.

The former Florida governor says he's released 250,000 of his own emails for anyone to see.

Asked if he thought she was being honest, he replied, "I don't know her deal, I just know that emails are a two way street, right? You send them and you receive them. So someone received them, someone sent them, seems like you ought to have the ability to know where your emails are."

Bush was also asked about Iraq following a week of stumbles on questions about his brothers decision to invade.

"I actually gave a pretty good answer to the question but it was not the question she asked," he said. "And then it got bumpy, it got a little bumpy, but all is well now. The ship is stable."

While Bush admitted making a mistake, that hasn't stopped the questions about Iraq - questions Bush likes to turn back on President Obama.

"He made the decision to get out," said Bush. "I don't begrudge him that, but it was a decision made based on a campaign promise. That's what it was. It wasn't based on conditions in Iraq at the time, and I think we're now paying a price for it."

Bush added that Obama's foreign policies showed he didn't believe America's power and presence abroad was a force for good. He said that he would undo Obama's executive orders and focus on bipartisan legislation if elected.

"Our enemies need to fear us," he said.

On Thursday, Bush will attend a business roundtable in Concord.

On Tuesday, he was in South Florida for a Right to Rise PAC event.

Bush has not yet officially declared his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination, but has been raising money for the PAC.

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