Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders Win Maine Caucuses

Republicans caucus Saturday, and Democrats Sunday

Cruz Sanders Split
Getty Images

One day after Ted Cruz won the Republican presidential caucus in Maine, Bernie Sanders is projected to win the state's Democratic caucus, according to NBC News.

The weekend was Maine’s turn in the presidential campaign spotlight. Republicans held town and city caucuses Saturday, where party members voted their choices for president.

Cruz walked away with 46 percent of the vote, followed by Donald Trump with 33 percent. John Kasich came in third with 12 percent, and 8 percent voted for Marco Rubio.

Sunday night, Sanders was projected as the winner over Hillary Clinton after enormous crowds caused a line of thousands of voters wrapping around a block in Portland.

Those issues prompted Sen. Justin Alfond, the Maine Senate's Democratic leader, to push emergency legislation to bring both parties back to a primary system.

Trump, Cruz and Sanders all visited Maine in the last week.

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