Supporters of Maine's Sen. Susan Collins Upset With Her Support of Trump's AG Pick

Maine's Sen. Susan Collins is facing a backlash from constituents after introducing Jeff Sessions at his attorney general confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday.

Her support for Sessions has angered some supporters, who held protests outside her offices in Portland, Bangor, Lewiston, Augusta and Biddeford.

"I hope Sen. Collins understands that Maine people are not going to stand for this," said Diane Russell, who organized the statewide protest.

Groups in each location rallied outside Collins' office, delivered a signed letter and waited in line to express their opposition to her staff.

"I think history is knocking on her door," said Tony McCann in Portland. "I hope she answers it."

The protesters said Collins may be ruining her reputation as a moderate Republican, and they worry that as attorney general, Sessions would threaten civil liberties.

"I have never witnessed anything to suggest that Senator Sessions is anything other than a dedicated public servant and a decent man," Collins said in Session's confirmation hearing. "I have every confidence that Jeff Sessions will execute the office of Attorney General honestly, faithfully, and fully in the pursuit of justice."

Sessions, a longtime lawmaker from Alabama, faced intense scrutiny over his past record on civil rights, immigration and community policing.

According to protest organizers, there were 100 people at the Portland rally, and about 20-30 people at the other four locations Tuesday.

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